Счастливого Нового года и Рождества!

The complex urban policy and city building Moscow - structure that integrates all the processes of urban development of the metropolis from the development of the General Plan, design and issue GPZU, investor relations to the estimated valuation and pricing in the design and construction of the budget, by monitoring prices for building materials to work with trade unions and self-regulatory organizations.

The entire construction cycle, from design to the authorization to enter any property occurs through direct interaction with experts Complex.

Thanks to the coordinated work of designers, architects, builders, investors in the capital every year there are new buildings, subway stations, roads, tunnels and parking.

The complex urban policy and the construction develops and implements two state programs - « Urban planning policies » and « Real Estate » ;, and is a co-executor in terms of design and construction of all 16 state programs.

The building complex comprises seven executive authorities of the Moscow Government Department of Urban Policy, Department of Civil Engineering, Moscomarchitecture, Moskomstroyinvest, Mosgosstroynadzor, Moskomekspertizu Department of development of new territories.

The head BuildComplex Deputy Mayor for urban policy and the construction of Marat Shakirzyanovich Khusnullin.